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The aim of this page is to give a light hearted account of the lives of the Highfield Flock of Shetland sheep. The original matriarch of the flock was Norah so I (henceforth known as The Owner!) let her take up the tale. When Norah passed away in September 2009 the mantle of blog author fell to Margo. During a long pause whilst the Owner has been too busy to update the blog, Margo has also passed away, so the new blog author is April.

September 2014

Disaster in the ram lambs

The last remaining Wensleydale lamb started to scour and wasn't eating so was brought home, together with a Shetland and the Portland ram lamb which looked a bit sad .By the next day 7 more were brought home. The following day a shetland was found dead amongst those that had appeared ok. The Vet came and diagnosed they had pneumonia. The Owner treated the whole group of 30 ram and wether lambs with antibiotics and treated the worst affected with electrolyte solution. Unfortunately the last Wensleydale and one of the Charollais x lambs have died. The others are very slowly improving, but are being watched for any further signs of illness. A big disaster but at least it is confined to this one group of animals.

On a happier note, 3 more Tamworth weaner pigs arrived early in the month.

August 2014

This month we said goodbye to Boris, he has gone to a new home near Skipton to spread his genes a little further afield!

We also said goodbye to 3 of last years lambs who have gone to a new home near Market Weighton as the founder members of a new Shetland flock - good luck girls!

Ripley Show - very wet

New Wensleydale Shearling ewe bought to replace the 2 lost earlier in the year. She has been named Emma.

July 2014


As a result of mucky bottoms, the Wensleydale lambs all got minor cases of flystrike. The Vet was called as they seemed much more poorly than just an upset tummy. He diagnosed worms which the Owner then treated all the lambs for. Unfortunately 4 of the Wensleydale lambs died. Later in the month Linnet died suddenly.

June 2014

An outbreak of

May 2014

Early May sunshine and the lambs are looking well. Below left 2 Shetlands playing in the lick bucket. Below right, a Charollais cross and the single black Wensleydale showing their size differences.

After the sun came the showers and in combination with the wet weather has caused an outbreak of flystrike. Some Shetland ewes and even some lambs have been affected. All the Wensleydale adults got it to some degree. dealing with maggots is the Owner's least favourite task.

April 2014


Lambing time started at the very end of March this year with the 2 black Wensleydale ewes having their first lambs on consecutive days, Daisy had twin black lambs, 1boy and one girl, Daffodil had a single very large ram lamb.

Most of the Shetland lambed without assistance but we did have one slightly freaky incidence - Jess had to be helped to give birth to a conjoined lamb/s that was not viable, luckily she also had a another normal healthy lamb. Snowy was videoed by the owners brother whilst giving birth but was unphased by it and is seen below chilling with her lambs. The Portlands lambed for the first time this year and produced really good big single lambs, one a boy the other a girl.

From a total of 35 ewes we had a total of 61 live lambs of which 41 were purebred Shetlands, 13 were Charollais x Shetland, 5 Wensleydales and 2 Portlands. Well done girls!


March 2014

The Owner bought 3 new weaner pigs this month, they are slightly different to previous ones as they are Saddleback x Tamworth and look like Saddlebacks - black with a pink stripe. They are also girls rather than boys!

Another sad incident to report this month, one of the old girls, Radish, went off her food and declined rapidly and although she seemed quite content she slipped away from us. Also 'Beautiful' lamb died too.

February 2014

The Pigs were large enough to be sent off this month. Apparently the owner and her family enjoyed eating them very much!

Unfortunately two of the Wensleydale ewes, Numpty and Dotty, managed to eat 1/3 of a bag of pig food one day this month and died as a result of acidosis and copper poisoning despite the Vet and Owner's best efforts.

January 2014

Not much happening yet this year with us sheep, but the Pigs are growing up fast. The Owner thinks they will be ready for sausages in a few weeks! As you can see they are very efficiently ploughing the rough ground.


This year the ewes had all been put to the Shetland tups, so we had some Shetland x Wensleydale lambs from Numpty and Curly. Below are pictures of Ibis' lamb which has been called 'Beautiful lamb' by the Owners son Matthew, and the other is Jess looking very proud of her lamb.

Once again we showed the sheep at the Yorkshire Show and Ripley Show, but also took them to Ryedale Show in the mixed Primitive sheep classes. We were pleased to be pretty successful again this year and were particularly proud of Daniel getting a second in the Shearling Ram class at GYS and new boy Stewart getting 1st ram lamb at Ripley. The Owner also showed Belle and Clarissa (the Portlands) in the Any Other Native classes and Clarissa was placed 5th in the ewe lamb class.

Also at the Yorkshire Show we took part in the Rare Breed Survival Trust 40th Anniversary Sheep parade. Daffodil represented the Black Wensleydales and Clarissa the Portlands. They both behaved very well during the parade.

The Rare Breed Survival Trust had a stand at the Driffield Show this year and the Owner put on the sheep display for the stand so Daffodil, Clarissa, Jess and her lamb had a day out on the hottest day of the year.

This year the Owner tried selling some of us at the Rare Breed Auction Sales and Melton Mowbray and York. At Melton, although we didn't do too well with the showing, Highfield Donald sodl really well to a new Shetland breeder and The ewe and ewe lambs also went to new owners. At York we were really pleased that Highfield Charlie won the Ram Class and went on to take Reserve Champion Shetland before being sold for a reasonable amount. Only one of the Ewe lambs sold as the Owner didn't consider the prices reflected our worth!

The owner bought lots of new Sheep this year. Including two ewes with ewe lambs of the Portland breed (pictured below). Everyone who sees them thinks they are very pretty sheep which makes us a bit jealous. The new girls were a bit flighty to start with, but seem to have settled in a bit more now.

This year the Owner bought some new fields. There are 15 acres, but currently only 4 have any grass for us to eat! The Owner had some hay made from the new field and it is delicious!

In an effort to clear the ground in the new fields that have been left fallow, the Owner has bought some Pigs! They are quite noisy, particularly when they want feeding. They are Tamworth pigs and were bought as 8 week old weaners in November (picture below left). A month later they had already grown considerably!


We had our first purebred Wensleydale lambs this year after the Owner took Blondie and Numpty 'on holiday' to Northumberland to visit a Black Wensleydale boy. Numpty had a single white girl, but Blondie produced black girl triplets although one died at birth. The Owner was most surprised as it means Blondie has some rogue Black genes in her ancestry!

This year we had lots of Shetland lambs as well, including the flock's first set of Triplets, these were born to Amber (below left). Unfortunately, Snowy lost her single lamb so the Owner fostered the boy triplet onto her and he grew into the largest lamb we have ever had! The right hand picture shows him standing on his foster mum when he still had his fostering jacket on. The  fostered boy is the moorit in the bottom picture, the other lamb belongs to Jess and is called Daniel

This was the year of the washout at the Yorkshire show, but the Owner and family slogged through the mud on the Tuesday to show the sheep before it was cancelled. For the first time ever one of our boys did really well, Daniel (shown by Lucy below right) came 3rd in a large ram lamb class. We also did well at Ripley show again this year.

Rest of 2011

The Owner showed some of us at the Great Yorkshire show and at Ripley Show again this year and we achieved some successes. Notably Boris got a first prize and Reserve champion male Shetland at Ripley.

The owner kept 2 of the ram lambs Hghfield Charlie and Highfield Caesar and several of the ewe lambs. She also bought two new ewes, Jess and Isla


April 2011

This year The Owner is very pleased that we should all lamb close together so she won't have weeks of sleepless nights! We started on 3rd April with my daughter Jet having 2 black lambs and first timer Amber having a black and a moorit. Looks like Jet's fleece will not be great this year!

Next morning Orla and April both had twins each, shades of grey and fawn with katmoget and white markings. Then in the evening (during Lambing Live!)Fifi also had twins, one moorit, one brown and white patches.

On 5th Snowy had twins in the morning (a white and a moorit) and then I had mine in the afternoon with an audience of children who came to see us after school! I had a black and a moorit.

On Thursday (7th) morning Violet also had twins, one black and one moorit. Then there was a pause and Cocoa had her twins (a fawn katmoget and a moorit) on Sunday (10th) morning. So just Mrs Brown left!

Mrs Brown had her twins during the morning of Monday 11th, a black and a moorit (both girls). So we are all safely delivered for this year. The Owner is very pleased as we have all managed very well with no assistance and all delivered healthy twins, with no ill effects from the bad winter.

March 2011

Sad news
One of our original flock members, Jackie, hasn't come through the winter well and started to deteriorate rapidly in the last few weeks. The Owner did all she could but had to make the decision to have her put down on the 3rd March.

Towards the end of the month those of us in lamb were brought in to the home paddocks in preparation for lambing. Some of us are waddling more than others!

February 2011

Weather improving
The weather has improved and The Owner has been testing to see if we are in lamb. It seems all 11 of us Shetlands who ran with the tups are in lamb but Blondie isn't.

January 2011

Still cold....
The New Year saw a bit of a thaw with running water for 3 days, but it has frozen and snowed again now.

December 2010

Very cold....
The snow and freezing conditions have persisted through the whole month with only a couple of days above freezing when the pipes thawed (and burst). The three boys are together and the cold weather even seems to have dampened Nelsons usual enthusiasm for fighting as they settled down very quickly. The girls are in two places, most in the bottom paddock and 5 new field with access to a stable so those 5 are having an easy time!

November 2010

At the end of the month we had a large amount of snow, very cold temperatures and freezing fog. The Owner tried to get all the girls in one place but it took 2 weeks to be able to move the trailer. The ewe lambs had to come back in the boot of the car!

October 2010

Number reduction and tupping
Most of the ram lambs went off to slaughter this month. The Owner has decided to keep the ewe lambs until next year to see how they grow, lets hope a few get a reprieve! It is back round to tupping time again, and this year we were split into 4 groups, 5 girls with Nelson, 5 with Jack, 2 with Boris and the remainder not put with the boys. I was allowed in with Jack as I have fattened up nicely over the summer!

September 2010

All the boys together
This picture shows some of the ram lambs. The older boys Jack and Nelson were put in the same field and surprisingly Nelson didn't seem that bothered, the youngsters fought amongst themselves but stayed clear of Nelson.

August 2010

Weaning and Showing
The lambs were weaned during August. And some of the flock went off to another show. This time Ripley show near Harrogate, where Jack came 3rd, Boris (below left) came 4th and The Owner's daughter once again got a Young handler rosette and helped show Bethany (below right) and April again.

July 2010

First Show
The Owner took quite a few of the flock to the Great Yorkshire Show in the middle of July. This was a new experience for her and the sheep! Below left shows The Owner showing Jack with the judge looking at his back end! The other picture shows The Owner and her daughter who won a prize for the young handler with April. The Owner was very pleased as we managed to achieve a 3rd prize for Amber, 5th for April, 6th for group of 3 and the young handler rosette.

June 2010

New boy
After two years of non-performance The Owner decided to get rid of Pinwinnie. His replacement is a small but rather handsome black ram called Jack

The Owner has gone mad again - she has been tying some of the ewes and lambs to the gate and trying to make them walk on a halter. All very funny to watch, but those undergoing training don't seem so amused!

May 2010

Last few lambs
Helena gave birth to twins this afternoon (4th May). Two boys, one moorit, one fawn katmoget. Helena is losing her fleece again this year and is feeling the chill north winds a bit poor girl. Down to the last ewe now for this years lambing season.

Fifi gave birth on the morning of the 6th May to a single fawn katmoget ram lamb. Fifi is Helena's daughter so she became a grandma this year along with myself and Gypsy. All ewes now safely delivered for this year!

April 2010

More lambs
More lambs born lunchtime on 3rd April. Ibis gave birth to twins, a boy and a girl, both grey katmoget colouring same as mum and dad.

Two sets of twins were born during the evening of the 5th April. Gypsy had two boys, a black one with white patch on the head and a fawn one with black markings. Violet had two white lambs, one girl one boy.

Unfortunately Gypsy developed mastitis soon after giving birth so The Vet had to be called on Tuesday morning and she was given injections and her udders milked out. The Owner then had to start feeding the lambs with a bottle as they were not getting any milk from mum. They are all just about ok now.

Mrs Brown gave birth this evening just after 6 pm in some rare sunshine (7th April), to twin moorit lambs, one girl one boy. This photo (below left) was taken within a few minutes of the second twin's appearance!

Our first lambs from a homebred ewe made their appearance in the early hours of Saturday (10th) morning. Snowy had twin white boys, they are quite small but full of bounce (above right)! Radish gave birth this morning (12th) also to twin boys, one a moorit, one a fawn katmoget (photo below). The blog may go quiet for a week or so now as the Owner will be catching up on some sleep before the next batch are due next week!

After nearly a week the next batch of ewes have had lambs starting with Jackie on the 19th. She went off her food and was staggering a bit over the weekend so The Owner and The Neighbour injected her with calcium and gave her a glucose drench. She was carrying twins but unfortunately one died either before or at birth so she is now raising a single fawn katmoget ram lamb. She is now eating properly and feeling fine again.

The next two to lamb have been my girls Jet and Cocoa so I am now a Grandma!  Jet gave birth to a single moorit ewe lamb on the morning of the 22nd and Cocoa surprised The Owner with twins on the evening of the 23rd. Cocoa had twin fawn katmoget ewe lambs which were very tiny but seem to be ok and were out enjoying the sunshine today.

March 2010

New Faces and 1st lambs
The Owner acquired to new girls for Mother's Day. Both seem relatively friendly and are both expecting lambs. The dark grey one  is Orla and the moorit is officially called Pepsi but is better known as Mrs Brown! The rest of the girls have been brought back nearer to home (into another new field) as lambing approaches and I have been allowed out with them - yippee. Blondie the Wensleydale has been taken inside with the new girls as she is getting really close to lambing.

The first lambs arrived on 26th March. One of the new girls (Orla) gave birth to twin boys at about 9am without any assistance. The photo is when they were about 1 hour old. Blondie caused a huge upset in the evening by requiring lots of assistance. with lambing The Neighbour even had to be called out to help. The Neighbour found that Blondie had been carrying triplets but that one had died and was blocking the path of the other two. Thankfully the two remaining lambs (one boy, one girl) are fine after a bit of a difficult start! The photo was taken the following morning.

February 2010

Grass mowing duties
The rest of the flock have been moved to different locations on grass cutting duties. The boys went to graze a friends garden and the girls have been to try out a new paddock in the next village. The owner of the paddock dangled a nail on a string over the girls hips to see if they were pregnant or not. We'll see if it was right in the coming months!

January 2010

Snow, snow and then rain
I am now really glad The Owner brought me inside as I have been nice and cosy, whilst all the others have been shivering in the snow. Mind you the owner has taken pity on them and has been feeding them lots of hay as what little grass there was has been covered in several inches of snow.

Now the snow has gone and we are being drenched by cold rain and arctic winds - this is definitely not an improvement!

December 2009

Bad boys
The girls with Pinwinnie and Alexander were put in with Nelson to check they had been tupped, Nelson went straight into action with one of Pinwwinie's so I guess his days with us are now very limited.

Alexander and Pinwinnie were confined to a stable to try and limit the fighting damage. Unfortunately Piniwwine managed to kill Alexander overnight, so our prize winning baby is no more. The Owner is really not best pleased with Pinwinnie and has roundly informed him of his imminent demise.

Nelson was taken out from the girls in the middle of the month and beat up Pinwinnie for a few days, but they have now settled down again after a period of confinement and then being put with the two ponies who have been keeping order. We hope that with this array of brightly coloured bottoms we should have quite a few lambs this season!

I have been brought inside as well, as my skinny condition has meant that I was not coping well with the cold and wet weather. The Owner has discovered I have no front teeth and therefore find it difficult to eat short grass. She has been feeding me lots of yummy things to try and fatten me up, but I do miss the company of the girls.

November 2009

Tupping time again
The boys have all been performing, although The Owner thinks that Pinwinnie may not be functioning properly again this year, as both his ewes have cycled through. Alexander was a little slow off the mark (and kept getting his leg through the harness as he is still only a baby really) Nelson is however being his usual bossy self and seems to be doing just fine. here is a picture of him standing guard!

October 2009

Odd happenings
 We have begun to think The Owner has gone mad, she is trying to train some of the lambs to walk with a halter on - it has to be said they are doing very well at playing dead and not cooperating!

Apparently all this was so that they could be taken to the Rare Breeds Show and Sale at York Auction Centre on the 2nd October. It seems that they almost behaved themselves and actually won some prizes. Alexander came 3rd and Alfred 5th in the ram lamb class, Dolly came 5th in the ewe class and April came 5th in a large ewe lamb class.

The selling bit went less well as The Owner refused to let them go for the small sums being offered (quite rightly!), so the 4 lambs came home again. On Sunday 4th the ewe lambs all went for an outing to The Owner's garden as part of her Open Studio event and did a lovely job of mowing the lawn and being nice to visitors!

In the middle of the month the girls were separated into four groups and the boys put in with us for the annual shenanigans! I was put in with the two remaining ewe lambs (the rest having gone to the butchers the previous week) as The Owner thinks I am a bit skinny and could do with a rest this year - that is as maybe but I am not enjoying being a nanny to the two youngsters!

September 2009

Several doses of bad news
 The Owner and Neighbour tipped us upside down to see if we are in lamb - (except me as she can see I am!). Still not sure but thinks I am probably the only one.

Hello, Margo the new blog author here. Bit of a shock to the system with Norah passing away - The Owner was most upset and so are we. Poor old girl. She was the only one in lamb.

Well, I am now getting more into this blog author business and have several things to report. Firstly some of the lambs went to the butchers, which is always sad, but we were running a bit low on grass.

Secondly, one of the ewe lambs went down with flystrike, but The Owner got to her in time and apart from a slightly odd haircut she has fully recovered

August 2009

Moving, Weaning, Vets etc.
The rams ate all the grass in the village plot so got moved back to the home field. They got a thorough check over by The Vet this month, who pronounced that Pinwinnie was in fine physical condition, so he will be given another chance at tupping this autumn. Nelson has teamed up once again with his partner in crime - Spike...

The ram lambs were separated this month and are now living in the bottom paddock with loads of grass - The Owner can barely see them if they lie down!

The mums were confined to the shed for a couple of weeks to 'dry off' and then went back out with the ewe lambs and shearlings.

The Owner still isn't sure if the five of us who were with the Neighbour's ram are in lamb or not. She is pretty sure I am but not convinced about the others!

July 2009

On the move again
The flock was split up again this month. Those of us that had been in with the neighbour's ram stayed put, whilst the rest of the girls and all the youngsters where taken to the other field. Grass is a bit dry with all this hot weather!

The two boys were given some very posh new accommodation. The grass under the apple trees in the village plot needed grazing, so the boys have been put there. They seem to like lazing about in the shade of the trees in the hot weather with a nice garden as a backdrop! The Owner has had a bit of trouble stopping them eating the trees - even though the trees are mature the boys have taken a fancy to eating bark.

June 2009

Late night haircut
We were all gathered up on the 4th and brought inside. The Owner and family hung around looking at us for most for the evening and then The Shearer turned up at about 10pm. So we all had late night haircuts and were kept in that night so we didn't freeze too much. Typically the weather has now turned cold, rainy and windy so we are shivering a bit. Before and after photos below!

May 2009

Flock united
Cocoa, Jet and Snowy spent the afternoon of the 3rd in The Owner's garden as she had it open to the public. Apparently they behaved themselves and even allowed themselves to be petted by strangers!

The neighbours ram has gone home, so the whole flock has been reunited, and put onto new pasture with lots of grass. The noise as the lambs and their mothers sorted themselves out was quite unbelievable.

April 2009

More Lambs
Gypsy gave birth on 3rd to twins, a boy and a girl, both grey katmogets (grey body with black belly and legs and stripy faces). All doing fine.

The Owner rounded us up on the 4th and checked us over. It appears that all five of us that ran with Pinwinnie are not in lamb. This is a bit of a shame for The Owner but we feel great - skipping around like lambs for once! I suspect poor Pinwinnie's days may be numbered.....

Violet gave birth on Easter Sunday April 12th to a single white boy (still a bit damp in the photo!). Both started off fine but Violet went down with hypocalcaemia on Weds. The poor girl was staggering round half blind. The Owner got the Neighbour to inject her with Calcium solution and she is now fine although feeling a bit like a pincushion.

The Owner has pulled a fast one on us, she has gone and borrowed a ram from the neighbours and put him in with us five girls who weren't in lamb - so much for a child free year! This fellow is a bit of an odd looking ram, not being a Shetland, but is friendly enough and not too demanding!

We had some new arrivals on the 19th. The Owner went out early with the trailer and came back with three ewes with their lambs and a shearling ewe. In the photo below the new arrivals are, from the left: Ibis, Fifi, Dolly and Helena in the front. They are currently in 'quarantine' so we haven't met them properly yet only spoken at distance. Poor Helena has been a bit stressed and is losing her fleece. She has twins a boy and a girl, both moorit with a white patch on the top of the head. Ibis has a single fawn katmoget boy and Dolly has twins a boy and a girl with mottled fawn/grey/white fleeces. Fifi is the moorit shearling

March 2009

Back to the old field in preparation for lambing
We have now been moved back to the other field in preparation for lambing. I think The Owner is getting concerned that some of us don't appear to be in lamb.

Margo gave birth on 31st to twins, a black boy and a moorit (brown) girl. All doing fine.

February 2009

Looking forward to food!
The grass in this new field is getting a little thin now (as well as being covered in snow), so The Owner is feeding us some concentrates to make sure we have enough food to feed our expanding waistlines. This is the ONLY reason we would even consider running TOWARDS a human!

January 2009

Another new field
The Owner decided we needed some more grass so has found another new field for us. It is quite pleasant, with some nice trees down one side to shelter us from the horrible north winds that have been blowing.

December 2008

More lambs gone and tupping over
Three more lambs went this month. The Owner has decided to keep three of this years girls to see how they turn out. All the girls, including Cocoa, Jet and Snowy were reunited when the boys were separated from us again. The boys fought worse than ever this year so had to be confined to a stable to limit the damage. We think Nelson might be dominant this year.

November 2008

We weren't expecting snow this early in the winter. It is sooo embarrassing having your rump marked in this way - now everyone knows what you have been up to.

October 2008

Tupping time again
The photo shows us girls relaxing for a while after the lambs had been weaned and before tupping. This year we were divided into two groups, five of us with Pinwinnie and three with Nelson. The boys were a bit slow off the mark this year.

September 2008

Sad times again
Two of this years lambs went off this month. The rest are wondering who will be next...

August 2008

Unexpected loss
One of Gypsy's lambs died this month after a short illness. A bit of a shock as all this years crop seemed so healthy, just goes to show you never know what will happen next.

July 2008

Goodbye to two girls
The two girls from last year were sent away this month.

June 2008

Shearing time again
The Owner will keep taking pictures of us just after the annual haircut - not when we are looking our best. The lambs took a while to recognise us afterwards - what a noise until they worked it out.

April 2008

Lambs in the sunshine
We got taken back home once we had all given birth, as we are now safe for The Owner to look after us again. Kiris (the other first timer) was later than the rest of us to lamb and also had a single lamb. Weather much better so we were allowed out onto the grass with the lambs. what a relief to eat grass again after all that dry hay.

March 2008

First babies
Weather taken a turn for the worse and it snowed over Easter. Us girls were packed off to Rose Farm for lambing as The Owner can't be near us. I had mine first a single black ram lamb. Margo gave birth next and got twins, as did Jackie and Gypsy. Violet had a single lamb - much for the best as she is a first timer this year. All well so far.

January and February 2008

Frosty mornings and expanding waistlines...
Weather decidedly chilly, but at least it is currently dry. Some of us are obviously expecting, but The Owner can't tell for sure how many of us are in lamb. Mind you, The Owner is having to keep her distance as she seems to be 'in lamb' too!

December 2007

Boys will be boys
Pinwinnie was separated from us this month (thank goodness THAT is over for another year). He was put in a paddock with Nelson and as is the way with boys, they fought about who was best. We think Pinwinnie is the boss as he is older and stronger at present.

November 2007

Time to say goodbye to some lambs
Not a good time of year to be a sheep mother. Luckily for me The Owner thinks my son Nelson is nice enough to keep, but poor Gypsy and Jackie have lost their boys.

October 2007

New arrivals
The Owner went to York Rare Breed sale again and came home with some new arrivals. Our girls were separated from us and put in a different paddock with two of the new arrivals, Radish another Shetland like us and a Wensleydale called Blondie. This Wensleydale is a bit of a dipsy, gangly sheep to put it politely!

The other new arrival is a RAM called Pinwinnie who was put in the same field as us. We are not terribly impressed by this as he pesters us all the time to see if he thinks we are 'ready' for him. At least he isn't aggressive and is moderately handsome!

September 2007

Weaning time
The four boys got taken away this month and put back in the old field. A bit of a wrench to let your children go but boys only cause a nuisance once they get to THAT stage! The girls stayed with us so it wasn't too bad. The Owner has gone and moved those ponies into the new field with us - what a nuisance.

August 2007

New field
We all moved to a new field this month, loads of new grass and NO ponies. The field is nearer The Owner's house so it is easier for her to look after us. Blooming flash on The Owner's camera makes us look like devil sheep!

July 2007

Nelson loses a horn
My son Nelson managed to pull one of his horns off this month. The silly boy stuck his head through the fence and got it caught. Blood everywhere but it will heal with time. Nelson now an appropriate name for him!

June 2007

Thank goodness, we have been sheared. feels much better without all that wool now that summer is here. Sorry about the close-up of me stuffing my face, not particularly flattering

May 2007

Illness and recovery
One of Margo's lambs died, it just didn't seem to want to live. The stress of travelling made me really poorly, The Owner had to call the vet. The Owner thought I was going t die so took my lambs away, however, I proved her wrong and made such a lot of noise she gave me the lambs back again - haven't looked back since!

April 2007

The start of it all...
Myself, Jackie and Margo had travelled from Northamptonshire with our lambs, whilst Gypsy, Violet and Kiris had travelled down from Scotland. It was a bit of shock to us to travel that far and then go through the undignified process of an auction, before being loaded into a trailer again for our journey to our new home.

The original 6 sheep: clockwise from top left: Norah, Margo, Gypsy, Violet, Kiris and Jackie

New home seems adequate - although we are less than pleased to have to share the field with two ponies